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Las Vegas Dispensaries

Vegas. Where over the top is the norm...and Las Vegas dispensaries are no exception.

From the most cutting-edge grow facilities to medical marijuana flowers, edibles, and cannabis oils at Las Vegas dispensaries – product and patient service is top of the line.

Patients first. The Nevada medical marijuana laws make it perfectly clear that cannabis safety comes first. Providing patients with the highest quality medical cannabis experience is what makes Las Vegas dispensaries stand out.

Being Safe with Las Vegas Dispensaries

It can at times seem confusing. A Google search is more than likely to bring up results that list ILLEGAL medical marijuana delivery services.

While these services look convincingly on the up and up, sadly, most of them are not. They are 100% illegal. They are not licensed, their product has not been tested, and the people involved are in all probability not trustworthy – or worse.

At Dankier you will only see Las Vegas dispensaries that are legal. They have been licensed by the State of Nevada. In short, they have done everything right.

You can rest assured that product in Las Vegas dispensaries has gone through a stringent testing process, employees have been properly vetted, and great care has been taken to provide compassionate care to patients.

Ready to find a Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

Our listings of medical cannabis dispensaries are all legal and licensed by the State of Nevada!

marijuana reciprocity

Out of State Medical Marijuana Patients are Welcome in Las Vegas Dispensaries

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority over 41 million people visited Vegas last year. Vegas was built and thrives on the tourism industry. Because of the extraordinary number of visitors, the State of Nevada has made it simple for out of state visitors to buy medical marijuana in Las Vegas dispensaries.

The Nevada medical marijuana reciprocity laws are now in effect. It is legal for patients that hold a valid medical marijuana card in any state to buy cannabis products in Las Vegas dispensaries.

There are several dispensaries that are a short taxi drive from the Strip.

Discounts and Special Patient Care

Many Las Vegas dispensaries have made it a point to provide special care and discounts to several groups of patients.

Terminally Ill Patients

Medical cannabis often gives terminally ill patients much needed relief. It can minimize side effects from other treatments, help with sleep, increase appetite, reduce depression, and lessen nausea.

Some dispensaries provide free delivery and discounted medicine to these patients to make their last days more pleasant.

Senior Citizens

Older adults are increasingly using medical cannabis products. Some senior citizens have chronic illnesses including PTSD, glaucoma, insomnia, and pain.

Many seniors are treating these illnesses with medical marijuana because the negative side effects are far less than with pharmaceuticals that are more traditional.


Some of those that bravely served to protect our country are faced with problems with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). Our Veterans also face some of the same medical issues as the rest of the population.

Our Veterans deserve to be treated with respect and special consideration when needing medical marijuana.

Many Las Vegas dispensaries give discounts to these three groups of patients. Ask your medical marijuana professional about any special discounts or services.