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Be sure.

We are committed to spreading the word about legal medical marijuana in Las Vegas and all of Nevada. From cultivation and dispensaries and legalization to cannabis laws, we are dedicated to publishing information that helps patients and their caregivers.

Values. As long time residents of Las Vegas, Nevada we want our state to be the gold standard for medical marijuana cultivators, dispensaries, testing labs, and all of the ancillary businesses. We believe Nevada can lead the way for how other states legalize cannabis.

Dankier's mission is to help provide a safe and legal medical marijuana experience. There are many pieces to the cannabis puzzle. Through our interviews, Hemp Day articles, and general cannabis information, we strive to be a complete resource.

Las Vegas
We are Las Vegas.

Our team lives, breathes, and thrives in Las Vegas. With decades of living here we know that Vegas is much more than just hotels and casinos.

We believe in the health benefits of medical marijuana.

We don't have to be convinced. We know that cannabis has helped many people with many different ailments.

We support legal medical marijuana businesses.

Other websites and businesses have no problems promoting unlicensed sellers of marijuana. Not knowing the reputation of these sellers can be a scary thought. There cannabis products have not been tested so purity is in question as well as it being unknown if pesticides or other chemicals have been used.

We believe in the responsible use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

We believe that medical marijuana should always be consumed responsibly. Being responsible means never driving while impaired. We abide by the same principles as Norml.

We support our veterans.

We know that marijuana has helped many veterans combat symptoms of PTSD and TBI. We believe that veterans should be given special privilege by medical marijuana businesses.