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Indica vs Sativa
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Indica vs Sativa for Medical Marijuana: Which one Should you Use?

We hear quite frequently, especially from novice cannabis users a question. What type of cannabis should I use? When you dig deeper, the debate that results is usually Indica vs Sativa. Patients want to know which is the best choice for their individual medicinal needs.

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Why it makes sense to buy marijuana in Las Vegas.


Nevada is one of the few states that has reciprocity. That means that it is legal for patients that have a valid medical marijuana card to buy and use Las Vegas medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries.

Tourists with medical marijuana cards from their state are able to travel to Vegas and not worry about how to obtain their medical cannabis while away from home.


Besides Vegas understanding the intricacies of so called “vices” like gambling, Las Vegas also has some of the strictest cannabis testing in the world.

You can rest assured that the marijuana you buy has passed rigorous testing for potency, terpenes, cannabinoids, and much more. When you buy Las Vegas medical marijuana you are buying the best.


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